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To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

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To provide effective and effcient services to people by strengthening the district administration



Habaraduwa is the 8th largest Administrative Secretariat out of the Divisional Secretariats in Galle District and located very close to the coastal region. This division is situated about 3 miles inward to the country, adjacent to coastal region. As per Northern and Eastern coordinates, the Divisional Secretariat Division lies between 5-55 and 6-55 of Northern Latitudes and 80-15 and 80-25 of Eastern Longitudes. (map 1.1).

A new Divisional Secretariat Division by the name of Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat Division was established with effect from 18 th July, 1998 eventhough Habaraduwa polling division no.67 of the Galle district was entirely included in the Habaraduwa Divisional Secretariat Division.

After July 1998, Habaraduwa Divisional Secratariat Division’s boundaries are as follows,            

East – Weligama Divisional Secretariat Division of Matara District

South – The Ocean

West – Galle Four Gravets Divisional Secretariat Division

North – Akmeemana and Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat Divisions

Total extent of Habaraduwa Divisional Secretariat Division is about 4680 hectare and the area of about 727 hectare is covered by inland water bodies. There are four internal reservoirs in this Divisional Secretariat Division. Namely, they are Koggala Oya, Thalduwa River, Pol Oya and Waggalmodara Ela. Koggala Oya is the largest among all these and consisting of 14 islands of different sizes. Allanduwa, Kokduwa, Ganduwa, Kuruluduwa, Thalathuduwa, Kadduwa and Madolduwa are to name a few. The largest is the Allanduwa and a novel was written based on Madolduwa by renowned author, Martin Wickramasinghe. Buddhist monasteries are located in Thalatuduwa and Weduwa islands extending to approximately 20 acres. Human settlements have taken place only in Gamduwa out of these islands.


Historical Backgound

In the past Habaraduwa  was called “Habaraduwa”  It has been changed gradually and the name “ Habaraduwa”  is in use today. It is mentioned in the Kokila Sandeshaya that in the 15 th century Iron Wood trees (Na trees) were found in this Habaraduwa area. It further described that the leaf buds of these Iron Wood trees became Red in colour for goddess to apply Laksa on their feet.

Archipelago in Koggala Oya, Rumassala Hill, Walle Devalaya, Ranwella Purana Viharaya and Hirigal Devalaya are few places of historically important.

Rumassala hill traces its roots to the great Hindu epic Ramayanaya. In the epic, the incredibly powerful medicinal herbs which can relieve diseases are grown in Rumassala reserve. It was believed that there was an incredibly powerful medicinal herb in the Rumassala Hill used to heal Rama who had been wounded by Lakshman. In 545 AC Cosmos Indicaleustcs makes a citation about Galle in his chronicle. Further Hanuman was sent to India to fetch the medicines from the Himalayas in order to heal injured soldiers in the battle of Rama and Ravana. While Hanuman was lifting a part of Himalayas, a chunk of it “fell down”and that is called the “Rumassala” whereas the area is known as Unawatuna.

Walle Devalaya is located on the East end of the Rumassala Hill. As a past driven practice ancients made vows to God at Walle Devalaya before going to sea. Two centuries since the ancients claim that the salts brought from Hambanthota to Walle Devalaya through sailing ships were distributed by bullock carts. The name Rumassala derives from “Ramassala”, i.e the path used by fishermen.

It was believed that the present Unawatuna hospital had been the official residence for Dutch Governer at that time. Flowers were grown in the residence by the Governer and today it is famous by the name of “Malwatta”. In the past Governers of the Malwatta used to visit the coast through Unawatuna Dutch Lake by the boat.

In order to visit Ranwella Purana Viharaya one has to proceed about 3 k.m from Habaraduwa city and then turn left nearby Kathaluwa junction. Ranwella Purana Viharaya is located about 1 km ahead from the left turn. This viharaya was built by Kandy King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe.

Sri Lanka’s first newspaper was originated at this Viharaya in June 1860. Rev. John Murdoch and James Nicholson who published the great work “ A Classified Catalogue of Printed Tracts and Books in Singhalese”, noted that the said newspaper was printed in Lankopakara press and published by a personage named W. Eaten. This was published weekly in the size of a foolscap page. The newspaper, consisting of features like maps and colour combination was prepared at a remarkable level with an objective of betterment of the Buddhists and the Sinhalese.

The newspaper “Sarasaviya Sandarasa” which was published at Lankopakara press in 1881 has a historical significance. It is observed that renown of this newspaper was excelled by the greetings of the journals like Lakrivi Kirana, Saddarmalankaraya etc., which were published simultaneously. Dinamina newspaper originated in 1909 with the assistance of few people at Galle region is the only newspaper which has existed so far. Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thero, Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda Thero, Veteran Novelist Piyadasa Sirisena, Veteran Writer Martin Wickramasinghe, Pandit Batuwanthudawa, Pandit Dodanduwe Dharmasena are to name some illustrious scholars who contributed to the rejuvenation of journalism. All these scholars were inhabitants of Galle. Out of them veteran writer Martin Wickramasinghe was born in Habaraduwa Divisional Secretariat Division.




Divisional Secretary

1992        - 1994 June



Divisional Secretary

1994 July - 2000 Dec


Mr.Tiyuda Kankanamge

Divisional Secretary

2001 Jan  - 2001 Jun



Divisional Secretary

2001 Sep - 2003 May


Miss.Thilaka Kalyani

Divisional Secretary

2003 June- 2003 Nov


Mr.Lal Samarasekara

Divisional Secretary

2004 Oct -  

07 Mrs.Tharanga Wickramarathna Divisional Secretary 2010 
08 Mrs.Ayesha U. Kariyawasam Divisional Secretary  
09 Mrs.Tharaga Wickramarathna Divisional Secretary 2015 May Since Yet

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